Keith's Notes

Updates and Accessibility

Apr 1, 2023, 1:06 PM

Been posting some other stuff but making continuous improvements to this site. Lots of new styling and I think it's looking pretty good, while still being very minimal, which is what I want. I put some work in on making things mobile friendly and from what I can see that's looking fine. Added a menu where you can see the most recent five posts or an index of all posts.

I think one of the next things I want to work on is accessibility. We've had a big push on it at work, with training and all, so it's forefront in my mind. I just need to put in the time to figure out how to do that within 11ty.


I just ran the site through Lighthouse and Wave, two of the top a11y test tools. Fixed a couple of small items and now looking damn good!


Lighthouse results: 100% performance, 100% accessibility, 100% best practices


Wave results: Congratulations! No errors were detected.